Sonultra believes the utility of its products should not be limited to larger hospital-based practices with bigger budgets. All practices, regardless of size, can now afford a fully integrated reporting and imaging ultrasound reporting screensolution to create a paperless and filmless work environment. Sonultra's products can streamline the operations of your ultrasound practice for less than what you are spending today. All our products work as stand-alone or network solutions.

Request a Quote for Sonultra Ultra 32:

  • User Customizable Questions & Responses
  • More than 100 Customizable Formulas Available
  • User Programmable Templates
  • Custom Reports based on your responses
  • Create the report you need for your practice
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Accepts OB & GYN data transferred directly from Ultrasound Scanner
  • Stores and compares current information with prior studies
  • Auto fax, e-mail or 24/7 web access to reports.
  • Integrated with Platypus, World's Largest OB/GYN Clinical Reference System
  • Integrates with existing PACS or EMR
  • Products designed for referral centers, hospitals and private practice
  • Products available for all practices, regardless of volume
  • Review, Interpret and generate Report on-site or remotely
  • Large installed base means we have an existing solution just for you.
  • Fully functional evaluation software provided upon request (ULTRA 32)
  • Training & Support provided during your evaluation
  • Compare our report to your results and then make your purchase decision