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Naomi DRNAOMI - DR from RF SYSTEM lab. A direct digital radiography sensor with an excellent image quality with low x-ray dosage. With the maximum of 192 widely versatile high-sensitive CCD sensors, NAOMI has accomplished an excellent image quality with low x-ray dosage to show the misalignment of body parts such as spine and cervical vertebra. The 48-megapixel high quality image with well-enhanced grayscale makes it possible to display soft tissue to osseous part in accurate and widened contrast... Read More

Viztek 2020 Chiropractic Digital Radiography Conversion

VIZTEK 2020 C-DR - Chiropractic clinics seek to present a professional and efficient image to their clients. The Opal-CHIRO PACS solution for these clinics allows the patients' x-rays to be quickly imported into the system, available for diagnosis much quicker than film. This complete retrofit solution also contains all the desired measurement templates enabling the chiropractor to quickly measure cervical, lumbar, pelvic, and long bone studies.  Thus the system also affords the clinic faster reads, eliminated film costs, and eliminates the need for physical storage space to archive film.... Read More