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The award-winning SIERRA plus film digitizer, designed for low-volume radiology applications, represents a significant advance in film digitizer technology. eFilm Scan 2.0 and VIDAR Digitizers are the answer that can provide you with a bundled solution that is cost effective.

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eFilm Scan 2.0 Highlights:

  • Standalone Scanning Solution – eFilm Scan 1.0 was directly tied to eFilm Workstation’s database, therefore users would be scanning and importing films directly into eFilm. This version of eFilm Scan does away with that dependency and now allows users to directly send to any DICOM Storage device.
  • DICOM Send – eFilm Scan can send directly to any DICOM Storage Device.
  • DICOM Modality Worklist Query – similar to eFilm Scan 1.0.5, you can query a MWL SCU to obtain patient/study information – fields will be pre-populated with any information already entered into the patient tree node.
  • Remote Device Query – you are now able to query a DICOM device for a patient, select a specific study and use that information to create a new series which can be added directly to that study. Particularly useful for scanning a report to be a separate series in a study using a standard flatbed TWAIN compliant scanner.
  • Burn to CD/DVD – using the same feature set contained in eFilm 3.0, eFilm Scan allows you to burn all scanned images for a patient to a CD/DVD as a DICOMDIR compliant disk.
  • Bar Code Reader Support – allows users to use a bar code reader to read barcodes and initiate a search of your MWL source or Remove device. The bar code scanner can be configured to read barcodes from several criteria such as patient name, MRN, Accession Number.
  • OLE Automation – allows third party applications to launch and pass information to eFilm Scan.

Sierra Plus Digitizer :

  • Single-sheet feeder
  • SCSI cord and PCI SCSI card
  • Optical density of 0-3.60
  • 300 DPI resolution
  • Less than 60 second scan time
  • Up to 17-inch films