Kubtec Xpert 80L – Forensic Specimen Imaging System

When it comes to imaging routine gross specimens in the pathology lab, experts rely on the proven power of the XPERT 80 Systems for unsurpassed image quality, ease of use and efficiency.

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Introducing the Worlds Largest X-Ray System for Pathology, the Kubtec Xpert 80L!

This XPERT 80L digital cabinet x-ray system offers versatility for the Forensics Lab with a range of sizes to meet every requirement. This unit is specifically designed to assist in diagnostic investigations of pathology labs and for every application including determining cause of death, identifying spatter patterns, revealing latent fingerprints or document inspection the XPERT systems have options for every requirement and every budget.

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Specimen Radiography System For Science & Research

Long noted as the industry leader in specimen radiography systems for clinical applications, KUBTEC’s XPERT 80, brings high quality digital imaging and ease of use to science, research and testing.

The XPERT 80 systems have a self-contained cabinet, with an x-ray source of up to 130 kV, 1.0 mA provides the sharpest images for every application. Optional sources are also available for micro-focus and soft x-ray applications. Agriculture, drug development, animal research, forensic examination and non-destructive testing are among the fields where KUBTEC ’s XPERT 80 systems are deployed.

The XPERT 80 is fully compliant with international and U.S. Federal and State requirements for radiation safety and operates with a standard AC power source. All systems include a stainless steel interior chamber with the capacity to introduce anesthesia and cables for monitoring devices through multiple portals. Fans integrated into the system dissipate heat and ventilate the chamber. A mobile cart and wireless connectivity option provides users with the choice to operate in different locations or wherever adequate facilities are available.

With KUBTEC’s expansive suite of user-friendly image analysis software tools and high contrast digital detectors, the very minutest details can be enhanced for further examination.Images can be measured precisely, areas of interest located, annotated and saved in multiple formats, making the XPERT 80 the ideal tool for collaboration in scientific investigations.



  • AEC based fully automated digital imaging with manual option included
  • Automatic calibration with zero warm up time
  • Stainless steel interior with multiple portals and vent fans
  • Up to 5X geometric magnification
  • Mobile platform for easy transportation
  • 43 cm x 43 cm (17″ x 17″) detector for gross specimen imaging*
  • Stainless steel cabinet with internal dimensions of
    63 cm wide x 71 cm deep x 53 cm high (25″ x 28″ x 21″)
  • Micro-focus images of up to 5 microns or 100 lp/mm for maximum resolution and detail.
  • Built-in HD optical camera enables side-by-side comparison of radiography and optical images.
  • Automatic Specimen Alert pro-actively alerts you if a specimen has not been removed from the chamber.
  • Mobile system for easy transport; benchtop system available
  • Enables Pathologists to effortlessly image excised breast and bone samples.
  • Interfaces seamlessly with pathology and LIS software.
  • Laser centering guide ensures accurate alignment of specimen and detector.
  • Annotate and save images in multiple formats for clinical and academic use.



Specifications XPERT® 80-L
Energy Range 10-90 kV / 100 kV / 130 kV
Tube Current 0.18mA / 0.3mA / 0.5mA
Focal Spot 5 μm / 8 μm / 5 μm
Viewing Window Size N/A
Window Filtration 0.127mm beryllium
CR Coverage 14″ x 17″
Power 90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 VA
Touch Screen Monitor Optional
Optical Camera Included
Size w/o Cart (W x D x H) N/A
Size w/ Cart (W x D x H) 32″ x 37.5″ x 59″ or 71″ (81 x 95 x 150 or 180 cm)
Weight w/o Cart N/A
Weight with Cart 1000 lbs (454 kg)
3-D Tomosynthesis N/A

Detector Sizes

All systems come with 16 bit contrast resolution and DICOM compliant software

5” x 6” (12 x 15 cm),
10” x 12” (23 x 29 cm),
17” x 17” (43 x 43 cm)

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