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SONULTRA CORPORATION is committed to providing private and hospital-based OB/GYNs, Perinatologists, and Radiologists with the very best integrated reporting and image management systems available today. Since 1986, Sonultra has worked diligently with more than 2000 physicians, as well as ultrasound equipment manufacturers.

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For offices, clinics, hospitals, hospital chains and referral centers requiring a comprehensive high risk management solution, integration services with existing PACS, HIS or RIS solution or management of multiple facilities utilizing a single database. ULTRA 64 offers:

  • Fully customizable Biometric Formulas and Descriptive Data Fields
  • Expanded (Neurosonography, Echocardiagraphy, Doppler) OB and GYN Clinician Reports
  • Customizable Genetic Sonogram Calculator
  • OB Patient Education Reports with pt. Image option.
  • SonoSTAT – Statistical Review of your Practice, Billing, Workflow, and Accreditation Management.
  • Print, Fax, e-mail or export PDF reports directly from your workstation
  • 24/7 HIPAA compliant report distribution & access functionality.
  • Integrated DICOM Modality Worklist functionality
  • WEB Based report distribution option
  • Download patient Biometric and Demographic data directly from more than 40 different ultrasound scanners directly to a server, SR capable
  • Upgradeable to ImageAdvantage™
  • Integration options for Philips, GE< AGFA, Kodak, Cerner, Cedera, Merge, digiChart and others.
  • Automated Consultation Letters
  • Integrated Platypus OB U/S Knowledge Base addressing more than 370 anomalies
  • HIPAA Tool Kit


ImageAdvantage™ was created for practices interested in seamlessly integrating reporting and image management functionality together into a single unified solution for managing ultrasound reports and images. Regardless if you elect to acquire one of Sonultra’s DICOM recommended solutions or choose to utilize the DICOM image management solution presently at your facility, users will experience the same ease of use and workflow improvements. In addition to the functionality found in your imaging solution (media clips, image archival, integrated security and sophisticated annotation tools), other aspects of ImageAdvantage™ include the ability to integrate images into reports as well as include your ultrasound report as part of the PACS series of images.

Once your ImageAdvantage™ solution has been implemented, users may view images and reports remotely via a secure internet connection, as well as include images in your physician or patient education report. When compared to other solutions, ImageAdvantage™ provides a cost effective DICOM solution for facilities interested in replacing their thermal prints with a DICOM Imaging solution or enhancing the functionality of their existing DICOM Imaging solution. The ImageAdvantage™ is in increased productivity and overall reduced overhead, especially for facilities that already have an existing DICOM Imaging solution.

100% DICOM Acquires DIOM Images and Stores Images in
DICOM CINE Loops Length determined by Ultrasound Scanner Archiving Option Reports Archived as DICOM Images within PACS Multiple Monitors Supports Three Monitors, Two for Imaging and
One for Reporting Integrate with Existing PACS Solutions Merge, AGFA, Philips, and Others


Integrate Images with Reports Includes Images on the Clinical Reports as
well as Patient Education Reports Integrate Images into your EMR